MCP Connect -Integrating Magento with Counterpoint

MCP Connect is a full API-enabled integration between NCR CounterPoint and the Magento eCommerce platform. MCP Connect allows NCR CounterPoint retailers full control over their eCommerce technology including design, catalog, promotion and extensions. The MCP Connect team includes experienced NCR Counterpoint specialists, Certified Magento Enterprise Developers, design specialists and eCommerce marketing experts to ensure that your implementation delivers on its promise.

MCP Connect Primary Functionality

The Connector uses Magento’s API to provide real-time seamless integration of Magento with NCR Counterpoint for critical business processes:

  • Orders
  • Conversion of gridded products to Magento configurable products
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Billing
  • Catalog – simple product info.

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NCR Retail Online is a SAAS-model eCommerce solution offered to NCR Counterpoint merchants. (SAAS means software as a service.) This model works well for smaller merchants who don’t require a lot of flexibility or customization for their online store and who like the predictability of a monthly platform cost. Until the debut of MCP Connect, (which stands for Magento-Counterpoint Connect) NCR Retail Online (formerly called CP Online) was the only choice for Counterpoint users who wanted integration between their POS and their online store. MCP Connect empowers Counterpoint retailers to build and sell from a custom Magento site while retaining the convenience of a full API integration. With Magento, you own your website code, you host it, and you can choose to add capabilities from thousands of Magento extensions. Magento is completely scalable so that your growth doesn’t put your website out of business (or vice versa). NCR Retail Online, by contrast, offers limited user-driven options and is completely controlled by NCR. We built MCP Connect because many Counterpoint retailers came to us wanting a stronger solution – to maximize their online presence with a custom Magento site.

Service and SupportCounterpoint Magento Certified Developer

  • MCP Connect was developed in partnership between the largest Counterpoint dealer in the US and a top Magento partner.
    • C&K has the size and experience to support any Counterpoint client
    • InteractOne clients include some of the largest Magento installations
    • Exclusive Counterpoint Certified Developers


MCP was built for affordability for any Counterpoint retailer. The product has a lightweight server footprint.

Why Magento?

Magento is the most widely installed eCommerce platform in online retail. It was designed to be powerful enough for high-volume retailers, yet manageable enough that a small retailer can afford to install and host their own store. The Magento marketplace has thousands of free and low-cost extensionsHosting your own custom Magento site means your design, your promotion, your site speed and your catalog and content are under your control.

What is an API Connection? And why does it matter?¬†API stands for application program interface. An API provides a standard set of inputs and outputs that allows programmers to connect two separate softwares without having to modify the “internal” code of either one. Effectively, an API sits between two separate pieces of software, like a translator would sit between two diplomats.

MCP Connect uses a continuous API connection instead of a batch file process. An API allows data to be continuously shared between your Magento shopping cart and your Counterpoint retail system. Primarily, this means that your inventory and customer data is more likely to remain in sync. When using a batch load process, the data is only shared between the two systems as often as your resources allow. A batch file updating system is labor intensive to build and maintain and is more limited in the type of data that can be shared.MCP Connect is developed by Magento Enterprise Partner InteractOne and C & K Systems, one of the largest and most successful NCR Retail Partners in the nation.Every CounterPoint Connector project benefits from the experience and track record of these two market leaders. NCR CounterPoint customers have a choice for eCommerce – thank you for choosing MCP Connect!