Magento Features

As a modular development tool, Magento features flexibility at every turn. Over the last several years, Magento has revolutionized e-commerce with a whole-site approach to selling on the internet, rather than simply stitching a shopping cart into a static website. Magento allows retailers the freedom to create a selling environment that has the best features of a blog, social platform and a catalog.

Magento is available in two iterations: Magento Community (open source – free public use and contribution) and Magento Enterprise (licensed).



is proud to be a long-time Magento Partner, providing comprehensive service, support and development to our clients. Magento Enterprise is available only though industry partners like InteractOne and includes numerous features and benefits not available in the open-source Magento Community edition, including:

  • PA-DSS certified Secure Payment Bridge
  • Full-page caching and persistent bandwidth for impressive scalability
  • Staging environment – pre-launch testing
  • Scheduled backups and roll-back capability
  • Mobile friendly – omnichannel
  • SOLR search capability
  • Demographic segmentation
  • One-page checkout
  • Targeted promotions, personalized shopping
  • Custom coupons
  • Cross-sell tools
  • Powerful returns management
  • Order import
  • Tracking numbers
  • Online purchases and orders import
  • Updates store item quantity, price and description
  • Customer creation
  • Order import batching for high volume sites
  • Custom mapping tables for payment and shipping methods
  • Capable of updating as many as 30 custom item attributes
  • Supports normal, gridded and alternate unit items
  • Location-specific pricing and inventory quantities
  • Interfaces with an unlimited number of eCommerce databases
  • Bulk importing of new products, categories, images and customers
  • Desktop software for managing your eCommerce database
  • User-friendly program for managing inventory, customers and orders
  • Add-on integration with eBay, Amazon, etc.

NCR Counterpoint is a great Point-of-Sale system. The only problem has been eCommerce; solutions offered to NCR Counterpoint customers (NCR Retail Online, formerly CP Online) are not as flexible as growing merchants demand. Many merchants wish to keep using Counterpoint for POS, but don’t want a “one-size-fits-all” eCommerce solution. More than ever, the retail marketplace is made up of online purchases. How long can your business afford to stand in the margins of eCommerce?

MCP Connect allows you to operate a fully custom Magento store, fully integrated with your NCR Counterpoint POS system.

Shoppers today are not happy with a limited online experience. They are drawn to sites with dynamic content, comparison shopping, deals and promotions. Unless your site is optimized for marketing, for the users and for the search engines, your potential customers won’t find you. Magento is built with the shopper and SEO in mind, offering business many channels for communicating offers, modifying content dynamically, updating promotions automatically and winning back customers who you might otherwise have lost.